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Larson-Juhl Australia represents the combination of two industry-leading Australian suppliers, who have come together to provide the industry with the most comprehensive supply of Picture Framing products to the Australian market.

Megawood started from very humble beginnings over 25 years ago, originally based in Brisbane, Megawood has had a long established history in Australia, gradually building its presence across Australia as a leading supplier to the framing & graphics industries, specializing in the industry’s widest range of products from digital printing and signage, professional mounting and laminating, and of course, traditional picture framing materials, supplies & machinery.

Led by family owners, Alex MacDonald & Sue Stephens, Megawood built a repertoire of some of the world’s most recognized brands of products, like Nielsen Bainbridge, Cassese, Epson, Hot Press & Gunnar, the experience and dedication of its staff and management has helped Megawood achieve a market position of industry leader, staying ahead of new market changing concepts and products.

In 2010, Megawood was aquired by Larson-Juhl International and both Australian companies were merged under the direction of former Megawood owners, Alex MacDonald and Sue Stephens.

Sue Stephens remained with Megawood Larson-Juhl for a further 18 months after the two companies came together before retiring in 2012 and handing over the role to our current managing director, Mark O’Rourke. Alex Macdonald remained as director and together with Mark O'Rourke, until late 2016

In 2019, Megawood Larson-Juhl rebranded as Larson-Juhl Australia led by Director, Mark O'Rourke and the same dedicated team. 


The early days of Megawood Mouldings, Brisbane Queensland.


 In 2010, Megawood was merged with Larson-Juhl - to become one company.

In 2010 prior to the merge, Larson-Juhl had been operating in Australia for over 15 years, and Larson-Juhl International has a much longer history, going back more than 100 years.

In 1893, Pacific Picture Frame was founded in Seattle, Washington.  Within the next century, that small West Coast frame manufacturer would become Larson-Juhl, the world’s leader in framing products, manufacturing and distributing. 

In 1957 when Roger Larson founded Larson Picture Frame, a frame manufacturing business in Braham, Minnesota, and Tom Juhl opened Juhl, Inc. a Minneapolis, Minnesota frame shop, framing was expanding tremendously.  Larson and Juhl both recognized the industry potential.

In 1968, Juhl merged with Pacific Picture Frame to form Juhl-Pacific U.S.A.  By 1971, Juhl-Pacific’s distribution territory stretched throughout the West and Midwest.

In the early 1980s, Larson Picture Frame also recognized the need for fast, efficient distribution with a strong emphasis on customer service.  Under the leadership of President, Craig Ponzio, the company combined the strengths of Titan in Denver and Palatine in Chicago with its Ashland operation to enhance much-needed distribution of materials. Larson later opened additional distribution centers to serve customers locally in Dallas, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

With similar ideologies and complementary product lines serving framers across the nation, Larson and Juhl were a perfect match.  The two companies merged in 1988 to form Larson-Juhl and soon expanded internationally.

Larson-Juhl International’s company values and commitment to design has led them to become the industry’s largest supplier, operating 54 facilities in 15 countries around the globe. 

In 2002, under the direction of President and owner, Craig Ponzio, Larson-Juhl International was recognized as a strong market leading company, and as such, was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway, a company directed by Warren Buffett, joining the ranks of other prestigious Warren Buffett investments such as Gillette, Coca Cola, American Express and H&R Block.

The acquisition of Larson-Juhl was actually the quickest transaction in Berkshire Hathaway's history, taking only about 90 minutes.

Since then, the management team of Larson-Juhl International, have continued to lead the company with the same values that have made Larson-Juhl International the premier manufacturer and distributor of fine custom picture frame moulding around the world.

Larson-Juhl is proud of its commitment to design, and has their own in-house design team who study design trends worldwide so they can introduce new mouldings that are both fashionable and relevant. Being able to manufacture many of their mouldings in their own factories also helps insure quality and availability.    

 In 1893, Pacific Picture Frame was founded in Seattle, Washington.  Within the next century, that small West Coast frame manufacturer would become Larson-Juhl, the world’s leader in framing products, manufacturing and distributing. 

 In 2002, former CEO & owner sold Larson-Juhl to Berkshire Hathaway, directed by Warren Buffett.  

 Larson-Juhl operates 54 facilities in 15 countries around the globe.

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