AiOX Product Options & Accessories

Optimize your AiOX CMC to perfectly suit your needs


Table Size 

The AiOX CMC offers two different cutting table sizes, a smaller [M] and a larger [XL] table.

[Click Here to download AiOX Technical Specs]


Vacuum Clamping 

The best solution for overall fixation control of the matboard, which can be used with or without button finger clamps. Available for all AiOX cutter models.


Dual Zone Cutting (COE mode)

The COE mode (Cut Other End) is for simultaneous cutting on two work areas, left and right of the table, with a single operator. This comes with additional finger button clamps for alternate positioning. This split-table operation is the most efficient solution for large scale production of repetiive matboard layouts, especially in full sheets of matboard (32"x40"). Available for the AiOX Professional XL version only and not in combination with the vacuum table.


T2 Scribe Pen Tool

This fully integrated device offers the multifunctional mounting capacity for a variety of different wirting instruments and pens for limitless matboard decoration and writing effects. Available for all AiOX cutter models. 

[Click Here to download a brochure on the T2 Scribe Pen Tool]



T1 Debossing & Box Creasing Tools

The Gunnar T1 Tool kit features additional tools options required for multifunctional box-making, scoring and decorative debossing. Available for the AiOX Professional.

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CMD Crop Mark Detection

Streamline your large format print workflow with automated cut and trim processing, using digital detection of common print, cut and crop marks on a variety of printed media and materials.

[Click Here download a brochure on the CMD Crop Mark Detection System]

Cut smart. Cut AiOX.