Pioneers of the computerised matcutting revolution

GUNNAR is the world’s most award-winning manufacturer of Computerized Mat Cutters (CMC’s). 

Having won the prestigious PPFA Recognition for Innovation Award as well as the Fine Art Trade Guild Innovation award, GUNNAR is globally recognized as pioneered the industry’s fastest and most advanced CMC’s.

Starting from traditional family framing background over 50 years ago, since 1991 the Swiss based company has constantly developed the best in CMC technology. 

Renowned for their uncompromised focus on reliability with an unsurpassed reputation for quality and precision, GUNNAR is proud to have played an integral part in this ongoing evolution of computerised mat cutting technology in the picture framing industry.

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GUNNAR in Australia

Australia's most popular brand of CMC

No other brand of CMC is trusted by more Aussie framers, than GUNNAR. Since 1994, GUNNAR CMC's have been serving Australian Framers - with the first GUNNAR CMC ever installed still in opertation to this day! 

GUNNAR's in-house software development, picture framing background, and attitude towards listening to market feedback have allowed their product to develop of the past 20 years - making their product the preferred choice of most Australian framers. 


GUNNAR Support

It's what's behind our products that puts us in front

At Megawood Larson-Juhl, we believe that when you become a CMC customer, our job has only just begun. When considering investing in a CMC, ongoing service and support will be an important consideration. Megawood Larson-Juhl is proud to be the industry benchmark when it comes to service and support on the machines and products we sell.

Led by internationally recognised CMC expert and trade qualified Master Certified Picture Framer, Jared Davis MCPF, GCF, with over 20 years global CMC experience, our “Gunnar Team” offers Australia’s most experienced & qualified factory trained support.

With more than three full-time staff dedicated to Gunnar alone, no other supplier can offer the same level of support and expertise. Whether you prefer phone, online or on-site support, we’re always available to all GUNNAR CMC owners, backed by our reputation for the fast response times. 

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GUNNAR Testimonials

Listen & read what other Australian GUNNAR CMC owners have to say about their CMC's and how their business has changed as a result. Find out why these framers chose to pick Gunnar over any other brand of CMC.

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What can you do with your Gunnar CMC? Here is a collection of printed features from industry publications showcasing what GUNNAR CMC owners can create and achieve.

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