Quick Reference Guides

Please find below a list of handy 'quick reference guides' which will help you solve frequent & common Gunnar CMC issues and requests related to SPT32. 

These guides are all in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Click on any link below to view the desired file.

SPT32 Calibration:

  • How to re-calibrate SPT32 software - A simple "step by step" guide to take an operator through the basic procedure of setting the blade depths and common calibrations on their Gunnar CMC.
  • How to update SPT32 - A simple guide on how to download and install the Gunnar SPT32 software upgrades from the Gunnar website, and also includes some re-calibration procedures as well.
  • How to re-install SPT32 on a New PC - Need to upgrade your PC? This document covers all the information you  need to know to make the transfer as seamless as possible.
  • How to fine tune v-grooves in SPT32 - This guide takes you through the calibration process for calibrating your v-grooves on your Gunnar CMC.
  • How to fix issues with "hooking" - If you are experiencing "hooked" cuts, then read through this simple "step by step" guide to help you solve the problem.
  • Tips for cutting 8 Ply matboard - Some handy tips to consider when cutting 8 ply matboard in your Gunnar CMC.

SPT32 Design:

SPT32 Corel Draw:

  • How import from Corel Draw - This comprehensive 15 page guide will take you through a basic tutorial on how to trace and edit shapes & logos in Corel Draw, into the Gunnar SPT32 software.
  • Importing Fonts from Corel Draw - This guide specifically details the steps required to import fonts from Corel Draw, which allows you to cut smaller and smoother text than the standard Font Mode is capable of.
  • How to expand the outline of an object using Corel Draw - This advanced guide details the steps required to create expanded outlines, which is handy when you need an opening shape to accurately follow the contour of a particular image or object, at an even distance.
  • Trim & weld in Corel Draw - This advanced guide will show you how to create impressive overlapped openings & shapes to import into SPT32.

GUNNAR SPT32 Tutorial Video Library

Click Here to view a comprehensive selection of tutorial and demonstration videos on how to use the Gunnar SPT32 software.


Changing a Clamping Tube on an F1 or Rapido

GUNNAR CMC Service Routine Checklist:

Please find below a preventative service checklist for each popular model of Gunnar CMC, so you can help maintain the performance of your valued tool & asset. 


If you have any questions about Gunnar SPT32 software, please contact: 

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