TruVue TruLife AR Acrylic

TruVue TruLife AR Acrylic
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TruLife™ single sided anti-reflective acrylic provides a contemporary look for fine art and photography and ensures brilliant colours and a true to life appearance that other acrylic products simply can’t match. There’s literally nothing like it to display the true artistic vision…and enhance the viewing experience.

Size Options
• 3.0mm thick - 1220 x 2440mm (48” x 96”)

Anti-reflective nearly invisible surface for viewing when face/second surface mounted or directly printed on opposite side.
• Vibrant colours, depth and clarity
• Contemporary look
Anti-static protection that actually exceeds glass and dissipates 2000 times more static than regular acrylic, making it safe for friable materials and minimizing cleaning.
Abrasion resistant glazing offers 20x more protection than regular acrylic and resists minor scratches associated with frequent cleaning like anti-reflective glass. Can be re-used for traveling and temporary exhibits
Maximum UV protection filters up to 99% of damaging 300-380 nm UV rays so you can display sensitive objects.
Lightweight – 50% lighter than glass. Perfect for large items and display cases.
• Gauges up to 4.5 mm can be cut like regular acrylic
• Cleans like Tru Vue glass products, with ammonia-free cleaner.
• Shatter-resistant, thermal insulating, and anti-static properties provide a secure and protected environment.