Kool Tack Black Heat Activated Foamboard 40x60

Kool Tack Black Heat Activated Foamboard 40x60
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KoolTack Heat Activated Foamboards have a prepared surface of heat activated adhesive ready to accept an image once heat is applied. KoolTack offers a quick and efficient mounting option for those with a Hot Press Heat Vacuum Press, with a dry mount adhesive that activates at 65° C to 70° C in 15 to 20 seconds.

HELPFUL TIP! - Using Kool Tack Heat Activated Foamboards
1. Make sure your dry mount board and print are clean and free of dust and dirt.
2. When first starting up your press from a cold start, let it cycle at least 2 to 3 times in order for the temperature to
stabilize and distribute evenly over the platen of the press.
3. For thick prints, set the speed to slow, this allows the heat to penetrate through the thick paper, into the adhesive.
4. When dry mounting is complete, take it out of the press and let it cool. This gives the adhesive time to bond.
5. When dry mounting photographs, never adjust the temperature over 76°C for this could damage the emulsion on
the surface of the photograph. ( use Perma Lon* sheet when dry mounting photographs to eliminate “orange peel” ).