20x30x12 3082 QDQ Oak Stockholm

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Stockholm Backstory:
Scandinavian design is a modern favourite with an interesting history. It started in the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden in the 1930s, and made its way to America and then the rest of the world in the 1950s.

Originally designed to suit the Nordic climate and improve the functionality of the home, Scandinavian style is now enjoyed in countries all over the world for its minimalist and sophisticated appearance.It works well in Australian homes thanks to its simplicity and versatility. As Aussie homes vary in age, style, and architecture so much, the timelessness of Scandi style is a great fit for everyone.

Style Guide:
Clean lines, functionality, and minimalism come together to create one of the most loved looks in interiors. Scandinavian design encourages fuss-free minimalism, using clean lines and neutral colours, to get back to basics and bring light into a space.

Natural wood is a strong feature of this design. It celebrates nature, bringing the outdoors in with timber accents and indoor plants. With a strong focus on simplicity and function, interiors are bright, airy, and practical. The aim is to look great while accommodating – and improving – daily life.

What it is:
- Open spaces uncluttered by furniture or accessories
- Light, muted colours and plenty of natural light
- Practical and efficient furniture that serves a purpose
- A celebration of nature, with a strong focus on timber and greenery

What it isnt:
- Cluttered with excess furniture and accessories – negative space and blank walls are encouraged
- Dark and moody
- Bulky and heavy furniture
- Wall to wall carpets