GUNNAR T2 F1 Scribe Pen Tool

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Expand your potential with the GUNNAR T2 Scribe Precision Pen Tool. Open up a whole new world of creative opportunity, for countless decorative applications in your frame designs. The Gunnar Scribe Precision Pen Tool is the perfect creative solution.
Elevate your Gunnar CMC with a ground-breaking enhancement that will allow you to embellish mats with sophisticated ornaments and decorations at the click of a mouse. Combined with the new, industry leading GMC software, you will be able to use hundreds of cliparts & fonts, helping you to add value to your framing, creating a new source of profit.
Suitable for all current models of Gunnar CMC's this upgrade kit is simple to install, and you'll be ready to take your CMC to the next level in no time.
Fully Automated - With a simple focus for ease of use, the Gunnar Scribe Precision Pen Tool is completely tool-less, with no need to change out any heads or cartridges, because the pen ool is mounted separately to the blade unit, which is unique to Gunnar.
Use any Pen - Engineered to accurately fit any standard pen from 8mm - 16mm diameter, offering you limitless potential.
Quality & Precision - Using Gunnar's award-winning technology and Swiss engineering the Gunnar Scribe Precision Pen Tool features independent pneumatic cushioning (unique to Gunnar) to assist with pressure and ink flow - allowing you to achieve consistently perfect results.
Streamlined Design Templates - Additional to being able to convert any shape, font or template into a pen line, new additional templates have been created to help streamline common pen application projects - making it simple to learn and use, also saving you valuable time. This feature is unique to Gunnar.
Draw Your Own Shapes - Combined with the GMC's software's powerful \"Draw Mode\" you can draw your own designs in seconds, with no in-depth learning curve or external software required.
Designed by framers for framing - Intuitive design and operation, which is easy to understand for anyone with a picture framing background.