Hot Glass Vacuum Press 35x47in

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Based on unique, patented heating technology, the Hot Glass Vacuum Press set the standard for excellence in mounting, heat sealing and canvas bonding. The top panel of the press is comprised of two sheets of reinforced tempered glass.
The inner surface of the lower sheet has an invisible conductive film embedded in it. A controlled electric current is passed through this conductive film, creating a highly efficient heating system.
A sensor on the glass monitors and controls the temperature by means of a digital thermostat. The result is an even distribution of heat across the work surface, assuring the ultimate in mounting and laminating performance.
The transparent top panel provides a high level of operator confidence, as work can be viewed throughout most bonding processes.
The glass is extremely smooth and scratch resistant.
The Hot Glass Vacuum Press handles a wide range of presentation materials - from foamboard and wood to photos, art prints and delicate fabrics.
• Drymount and laminate photos, art, prints, jigsaws and more
• Unique heating system - guarantees uniform temp across the glass, protecting sensitive digital images
• Heat seal laminating for canvas
• Canvas transfer of prints
• Automatic electronic timer - Timer can be adjusted, minimising wasted time on production jobs
• Adjustable pressure control - minimises even heavy creases and wrinkles without crushing delicate boards
• Heavy duty latches - allows for a tight seal & view work in progress
• Note - Table Stand (HPSTAND260) is not included - and an extra accessory.