Inmes IM5P Pneumatic V-Nailer

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The Inmes IM5P Pneumatic V-Nailer is designed for medium to high level production framing.
• Unique rotary adjuster for different v-nail heights
• No need for clumsy v-nail blocks and allen keys.
• Quick squeeze-adjust double top pressure clamps with hydraulic link. Ideal for larger and more complex profiles.
• Solid metal construction & powder coated painting.
• Tilting stand - useful when joining larger frames.
• Solid steel v-nail insertion hammer for longevity.
• Innovative new rebate clamp design - pulls moulding tightly together.
• Up to 152mm space between v-nail locations.
• Unique easy-adjust top pressure pad moves with v-nail distribution block so the moulding is always clamped from above exactly where the v-nail is inserted from below.
• V-nails can be inserted and stacked in multiple locations.
• Moulding fences have adjustable angle & tilt to help you get the best quality join
• Includes 3 quick-swap top pressure heads, for clamping different shaped moulding profiles.
• Adjustable height feet.
• Filter-lube-regulator included.
• Option metal support arms available.