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Gunnar's revolutionary *Hybrid* cutting head concept allows seemless operation for a wide range of flexible cutting applications.
The AiOX Hybrid is designed for custom framing businesses looking for matboards cut with unmatched Swiss precision & efficency - with streamline simplicity and elegance.

- Bevel & Straight Cut - Patented, award-winning Hybrid cutting head technology for 45° and 90° cuts with automatic change-over between either angle, on-the-fly.
- Automatic Blade Depth - Infinitely variable blade depth adjustment for any board thickness up to 3.5mm.
- Seamless Automation - No head or tool changes and no manual manipulation required for any cutting functions - just uninterrupted, seamless integration.
- Zero Waste - Edge-to-edge cutting to maximize matboard use with button finger clamps, and optional vacuum bed.
Tool-less blade change - Easily change the blade in a matter of seconds. No blade or head change required for front/back cuts, straight/bevel cuts or even different thickness materials. It's all automatic!
- Quality Guarantee - Guaranteed precise cut results for all boards up to 3.5 mm in thickness, including perfect ovals and circles with unique pneumatic depth control technology.
- Optional T2 Scribe Pen Tool - can be permanently integrated for completely seamless operation.

- Swiss Precision - With uncompromised Swiss design and improved engineering, the Gunnar AiOX offers superior reliability and accuracy, making it second to none in the industry.
- Fast - Clocking at twice speed of previous generation Gunnar CMC's (1000mm/s) you can cut now a 16x20 inches opening in less than 5 seconds - making the AiOX the fastest CMC in its class!
- Automatic V-Grooves - Cut v-grooves and openings in one step, with is no need for adjustment or blade change.
- Debossing & Creasing - Two different tool-free debossing tips are included with the AiOX Hybrid, which allows you to create decorative, delicate debossed shapes to enhance your mat designs; or creasing options for making custom fold-up boxes.
- Solid Construction - A combination of elegance and endurance - the refined and robust design of the AiOX features edgeless borders for user safety, and a non-warp honeycomb aluminium base board for longevity.
- Two Table Sizes - The Gunnar AiOX is available in 2 different sized models. The AiOX-M has a table size of 41x49 inches and the AiOX-XL has a table size of 48x72 inches - with the capacity to handle mega-oversized matboard up to 48x72 inches!

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