MountCor Foamcore 32x40 5mm (25/box)

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MountCor - 32x40in x 5mm (box 25 sheets)
MountCor Heat Activated Foamboards have a prepared surface of heat activated adhesive ready to accept an image once heat is applied. MountCor offers a quick and efficient mounting option for those with a Hot Press Heat Vacuum Press, with a dry mount adhesive that activates at 55° C in 15 to 20 seconds.

Instructions for use:
Basic Mount
The draw time of a vacuum press varies depending on manufacturer and overall size of the press. Dwell time is the period after full draw when all materials are compressed and heated for activation. A 1 minute draw + 2 minute dwell is the average 3 minute time for a vacuum. Release boards are never required for any technique in a vacuum press. Use of one will require additional press dwell time for heating additional inner materials. Do not increase the temperature.

1. Warm press to at least 55°C temperature.
2. Peel back liner leaving 50mm of liner attached to lower edge of board.
3. Align image face up between liner and board.
4. Verify image alignment using gridded pattern on release liner.
5. Close the release liner covering all exposed adhesive.
6. Close lid and activate the vacuum and run a full 2 minutes plus draw time. The adhesive feels tacky when first removed but is fully bonded.
7. Remove from press and cool.
8. Trim to size as needed.

Flush Mount (mounting to the outer edges of the board)
1. Tack the image along center end at the very edge to hold in place.
2. Remove the gridded liner and replace with a larger sheet of single-sided release paper.
3. Then follow the steps 6 through 8 above.