Cassese CS20 Pneumatic Underpinner

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The pneumatic Cassese CS20 Underpinner is ideal for mid-sized framing operation.
Wide joining capacity: 140mm stroke - for mouldings up to 140mm wide and 75mm high
Ultra Powerful Double-action « push and tighten » rebate clamp: Position one of the moulding pieces up to the guide, then lay the second piece roughly place. The special action of the clamps draws them accurately and firmly together. Indeed, the clamps literally bite into the rebate of the 2 pieces of mouldings to pull and tighten them very strongly against each other. This ensures a high quality join every time, even on very wide mouldings. This is unique to Cassese.
Pneumatic two stage pedal: allows the operator to clamp the mouldings and visually check the join before inserting a wedge.
Magnetic adjustable top clamp: Quickly adjust hold down height. Just change rubber end for hardwood or softwood. Now with quick-change magnetic hold-downs.
Smart Wedge-Drive System: Allows for perfect alignment of wedge firing, and perfect pressure for joining any timber hardness, with no need to manually adjust pressure for different timber types!
Two positioning stops: (front and back) allow wedges to be stacked, even in hardwood timber.
No tools required to change wedge sizes: Uses only genuine Cassese patented cartridge wedges. They are colour coded with a full range of sizes available (5,7,10,12,&15) most available in hardwood and softwood versions. Quality and performance!
• Built-in air regulator