Cassese CS969 Automatic Double Mitre Saw

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The Cassese CS969 Double Mitre Saw features a completely automatic operation, offering the highest and widest cutting capability. The Cassese CS969 has a concrete base and cast iron cutting heads for perfect quality cuts and maximum reliability. The Cassese CS969 is the safest and most accurate automatic double mitre saw available on the market.

Unique, Industry-Leading Features:
Cuts wider (160mm) and higher (110mm) than any other double mitre saw in the industry - providing the straightest possible cuts on even the widest mouldings.
Horizontal, cutting stroke– Independent, pneumatically controlled horizontal cutting stroke, for reduced wastage
Unique “raised blade stroke” ABOVE table surface – This allows an angle of cutting towards the interior of the moulding profile, which eliminates the possibility of chipping and bad finishing, which is unavoidable on other horizontal blade stroke systems where the blades are mounted below the table surface.
Cast iron internal structure with solid concrete base - for maximum stability, no vibrations and perfect cuts
Ducted extraction at blades – This dramatically reduces dust by extracting it at the source – the blades.

Production Features:
Horizontal & Vertical pneumatic clamps - Twin horizontal and twin vertical clamps are integrared and adjustable to allow secure clamping of difficult mouldings, eliminating any movement or rocking during the cut cycle.
Zero wastage – Because the blades cut horizontally with independent actions, wastage is saved at the first cut which saves both moulding and money.
Easy-to-read 45° direct measuring scale - for faster and more accurate measuring.
Internal cutting support block – This supports the off-cut preventing chipping on the back edge of the chop.
1.5mtr support arms - Solid, robust feed-in support and feed-out measuring arm, with optional extensions available.
No blocked chutes – Because offcuts fall directly into the open waste collection chute below the cut, there is no need for regular checking or cleaning of wastage chutes.
Synchronised activation of dust extractor -The dust extractor can be pre-wired to the saw, so that both units can be run and stopped simultaneously. This saves time, reduces power consumption and excessive noise.

Safety Features:
CE approved - Satisfying the highest safety standards in the industry
Ergonomic two button operation - Keeping hands away from the cutting area.
Safe, heavy-duty design - Completely enclosed with no exposed motors or blades.
Hardened plasti-sheild window - Allows the operator to have clear visibility of the cut.
Convenient blade-change system - When blades require changing for sharpening, they can be conveniently positioned for safe and comfortable access.
Rear service hatch - allows easy servicing of the machine.
Emergency push button cut-off switch

Operating Requirements:
• 20A Three Phase Power and Connection by electrician
• Source of compressed air (8 bar)