Cassese CS2 Cartridge Manual Underpinner

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The Cassese CS2 Underpinner is ideal for a smaller framing operation.
• Pneumatic foot pedal - Making it convenient to join mouldings quickly & effortlessly.
• Wider joining capacity: The CS2 offers a wider stroke of 140mm to meet all frame joining requirements.
• Unique Cassese quick change wedge cartridge system: easily change between wedge sizes with no need to adjust or change any parts of the machine. All Cassese underpinners are able to use the full range of Cassese cartridge wedges in 7 different sizes, available in both softwood and hardwood.
• Smart Wedge-Drive SystemTM: Allows for perfect alignment of wedge firing, and perfect pressure for joining any timber hardness, with no need to manually adjust pressure for different timber types!
• Durable construction: The CS2 features a unique, premium quality aluminium profile with a hardened stainless steel working table, proven to remain long lasting & rust-free.
• User-friendly: The pneumatic pedal position can be located anywhere around the machine - and comfortable for either left or right footed operation.
• Two positioning stops: (front and back) allow wedges to be stacked, even in hardwood timber.
• Universal wedge (UNI) option - This model is also available in the Universal Wedge option (CS2 UNI), so that standard loose-type wedges can be manual inserted into the machine, rather than cartridges loaded wedges.
• Built-in air regulator