CASSESE CS969 Smart Stop

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The Cassese CS969 SmartStop is the ultimate saw upgrade, offering all the features of the CS969 Double Mitre Saw PLUS an Integrated and Automatic Computerised Measuring Stop System.

Production Features:
Large measuring capacity - Long 2.0mtr automatic programmable measuring capacity, with an optoin for an additional 1.0mtr extension.
Automatic moulding width measurer - instantly measures the rebate width of the moulding about to be cut, so that the cutting stop can adjust itself automatically to the correct dimension required.
Flexible - change between short and long size accurately, at any time, just by touching a button
Programmable touch-screen interface - User-friendly and reduces operator mistakes and wastage.
Memorize your common frame sizes - memorize the dimensions of up to 60 different frame sizes
Memorize your mouldings - memorize the cutting process for up to 3,000 different moulding profiles
Fast setup - witch from any moulding and any frame size to another in seconds
Chop counter - Shows the quantity of cuts made, and can be reset for use as a chop counter for production runs
Barcode scanning capability
Engineered for production - with uncompromised cut quality

• Additional 1.0mt Extension for 3.0mtr Total Measured Cut
• Automatic Programmable Vertical Clamping System - Motorized vertical clamps are programmable to automatically locate into position for each different moulding profile
• Barcode Scanner & Software Option - the Cassese barcode scanner and editing software is designed to managing your moulding and sizes database. Barcode scanning accelerates the process whilst elinimating the risk of all user-input errors.

Operating Requirements:
• 20A Three Phase Power and Connection by electrician
• Source of compressed air (8 bar)