45x30x38 Natural White Ash

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While it would be very easy to plant this new range firmly in the Scandi genre; there is a definitive character in Ash that is very much modern Australia. Our connection with nature and the outdoors has driven our love affair with natural materials and simple styling. The raw hardiness of our landscape and people, contrasting with the modern cities many call home is shaping a style very much our own.

The raw beauty of the Ash colouring and grain will perfectly match many of the luxury timber furnishings and floorings so popular today. It is also the perfect contrast to the flat mat colours we are seeing used in paints, light fixtures and home surfaces whether they be light or dark. Adding Ash to those scenarios offsets the theme with natural light and organic patterns very familiar and warming to Australians.

Our love of natural or “Nude” colours and textures will continue for a long time to come. Continue to surf the grain wave with Ash.

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- Sustainable Ash Timber
- Vibrant yet simple grain patterns
- Extraordinary value

Style Guide
- Scandi with Aussie attitude
- Modern Australian
- Minimalist