Timecare® Conservation

Timecare® Heritage Conservation SolidCore Matboard is an economical alternative to cotton board, made from high quality purified alpha-cellulose wood fibres buffered with calicum carbonate.

Both the surface paper and the core of the board is the same colour throughout.

Artique Timecare® Heritage Conservation SolidCore Matboard is safe for artwork:

  • Conservation quality surface papers offer optimum fade and bleed resistance.
  • Produced using only 100% virgin alpha-cellulose fibers for lasting quality.
  • pH buffered, acid-free and lignin-free for maximum artwork protection.
  • Meets industry recognised conservation standards.
  • Manufactured to the highest environmental standards.
  • Board Thickness: 4 ply (1.4mm)
  • Board Size: 815 x 1120mm (32 x 44 inches) and 1120 x 1630mm (44 x 64 inches)
  • Box Qty: 20shts