Larson-Juhl Global

Larson-Juhl is the industry's global leader and supplier to the picture framing trade.

Global Design

Located at Larson-Juhl Headquaters in Atlanta, Georgia, the in-house Larson-Juhl Design Team study worldwide design trends, allowing Larson-Juhl to introduce new frame moudings that are both fashionable and relevant.

In addition, many of our mouldings are manufactured in our own factories or factories we have had long-term relationships with. This helps ensure that the designs create are made with care and consistency.

Global Distribution

Larson-Juhl operates 50 facilities, represented in over 14 countries around the world;

Global Manufacturing

With Larson-Juhl owns many dedicated moulding manufacturing facilities around the globe, including premier facilities in:

New Zealand - Larson-Juhl Manufacturing NZ - Famous for manufacturing superior quality moulding, made using locally sourced plantation pine timber, this long running production facilty has built a legacy of making mouldings of superior craftsmanship and enduring style. Their skills cover a range of finishing styles such as hand finishes, hot foiling and extruded high-build lacquer finshes.  
Czech Republic - Lira - In additional to manufacturing moulding, Lira also harvest lumber from their own responsibly managed forest and provide lumber to other facilities such as Archobalegno in Italy. Some members of the Lira team have been with the company for around 35 years. For the staff at Lira, the most rewarding feeling is when they continue to receive repeat orders from customers in over 40 countries around the world.
Italy - Arcobalegno - The team at Arcobalegno say they enjoy making moulding because they know people will be enjoying their Italian frames, in their homes or businesses, for many years. This team is so passionate about their work it is like they are the company and a piece of them is in every piece of moulding they make. The Arcobalegno team members have been making moulding there between 10 and 28 years. Regardless of what their position is, each team member at Arcobalegno take a creative approach to playing their part well.
USA - Ashland - This facility situated along the shores of Lake Superior, Wisconsin, Ashland is the original Larson-Juhl location & specializes in crafting mouldings of the highest quality using American hardwoods. Larson-Juhl's Ashland facility is a proud recipient of FSC, PEFC and FSC forest-friendly certifications and are recognized throughout the world for responsible lumber management. Larson-Juhl are proud of this state-of-the-art factory and dedicated team many who have been with Larson-Juhl for a long time. The average length of service is 20 years, manufacturing high quality frames in a variety of styles and finishes is a responsibility the Ashland team takes very seriously.


Watch these informative videos to learn more about the moulding making process:

For over a century, the artisans at Larson-Juhl's Senelar manufacturing facility in Northern France have used traditional 16th century renaissance gilding materials and techniques. Watch this video to learn more about this unique art form, and how Larson-Juhl still employs century-old techniques to create framing products that may become your family's heirlooms tomorrow.


Take a tour of Larson-Juhl's premier custom picture frame moulding manufacturing facility, located along the shores of Lake Superior in Ashland, Wisconsin. Learn how fine quality picture frames are created through this informative video that details each step in this interesting process. This video also shares what the Larson-Juhl Ashland team does to keep their focus on sustainable lumber procurement and product development.

Global Environmental Commitment

Larson-Juhl was the first and remains the only moulding manufacturer to earn certifications from FSC and PEFC.

Larson-Juhl as an organisation strive to conserve beauty in the environment. The company is proud to have partnered with Forests to establish the Larson-Juhl Global ReLeaf Forest Foundation, which assists with forest restoration and establishment around the world.

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