How To Order Chop Service....


Choose the moulding you require. If it is available for chop service, then the 'chop' option will be visible.
Select the 'chop' option and then specify the following:
  • Number of frames
  • Width and height in mm. Enter numeric values only, do not enter 'mm' - must be internal measurements  (glass size) only  
  • Whether the dimensions are the Glass or Exact size (glass size=2mm allowance)   
Chop fufilment: Chops take longer to process than a normal stock order, so during busy times, it can take an additional 2-3 days to process a chop order, compared to a normal stock order.

Please note: When ordering Aluminium Chop Service and you require an assembly kit  you will need to order reference number POLY separately. Assembly kits are available singly or in bulk packs of 100 listed below.
  • HA1713 - Nielsen® Back Plates (100)
  • HA0813 - Nielsen® Quick Corner (100)
  • HA0713 - Nielsen® Tapped Corner (100)
  • HA0513 - Nielsen® Snap Hanger (100)
  • HA0113 - Nielsen® Spring Clips (100)

Ordering Chevron Corner Samples....


You can request a sample chevron of any moulding by choosing 'chevron' in the unit of measure when ordering. Samples may take up to 10 working days unless requested through your account manager.